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If you want a chandelier with a contemporary look, consider a globe chandelier. The modern version is usually made of solid brass and CNC machined parts, and has a sinuous geometric silhouette. It’s a good choice for high ceilings and foyers, and is available in many different colors and finishes. Note: Colors and finishes may vary slightly from those shown on your screen.

Glass multi-bulb chandelier

The Sphere and Stem Chandelier is an elegant choice for your contemporary home. This chandelier has three oval glass shades with brass finish metal caps and hangs asymmetrically from a black rod. Its two-tone brass and black finish create a striking contrast. Its sleek contemporary design is perfect for your dining room or kitchen island. It accommodates three 25W G9 bulbs.

The Hampton Chandelier is a stylish chandelier that is ideal for entryways, common rooms, and dining rooms. It has a contemporary style and the crystal shades are handblown. The chandelier is adjustable, so it can hang from any height.

Glossary chandelier

If you are in the market for a chandelier, you will want to know a few of the terms used to describe them. The first is the stem, which is the rod that attaches the body of a chandelier to the ceiling canopy. It can be any thickness or shape, and it can feature a decorative detail. Some chandeliers have both a horizontal and a vertical body.

Another common term for a chandelier is a crystal chandelier. A crystal chandelier is a multi-arm hanging light that is made of crystal or lead glass. The latter is a type of glass with lead added to give it weight, making it easier to cut. However, modern manufacturing methods allow crystals to be made without the addition of lead, which results in greater clarity and refraction of light.

Sputnik chandelier

The 6-light sputnik chandelier adds a contemporary look and a striking focal point to any room. Made from metal, the sputnik features a circular ceiling mount with hanging chain and six round lights. The chandelier uses exposed bulbs (not a shade) and is perfect for dining rooms, living rooms, and entryways.

Sputnik chandeliers come in a wide variety of styles. Some are retro, some are contemporary, and some are even functional. While the atom-inspired silhouette and metallic finish make them suitable for dining rooms, they’re also a beautiful accent for a breakfast nook. These retro chandeliers also make great accent lighting in bedrooms, replacing a standard overhead light fixture.

Elk modern antler chandelier

An Elk modern antler chandelier can bring a rustic, yet stylish look to your home. Made with real elk antlers, this chandelier has nine candle lights and a weight of 18 pounds. The antlers are meticulously hand-crafted and stained. However, they can crack over time. For this reason, you should not use high-wattage bulbs in the chandelier.

Antler chandeliers are popular as lighting fixtures in large rooms. They can be paired with other antler fixtures, such as sconces and ceiling fans. They can also provide extra lighting to rooms where it’s dark. They are best used in homes with a country or rustic theme, where natural wood and warm tones can lend an authentic look to the room. Antler lamps are also versatile, and can be used as bedside table lamps.

Sputnik chandeliers

Sputnik chandeliers feature bold illumination and a striking design. The radial frame of the metal fixture is topped with clear glass globes. It accommodates six or eight candelabra lights. This spherical style can be adapted to fit a variety of ceiling heights and styles. It can also be installed on a tilted ceiling for added elegance and functionality.

This chandelier is fully dimmable with a compatible dimmer switch. It is recommended to use G9 bulbs of approximately 60 watts. Installing this chandelier is a relatively easy task, and it comes with complete mounting hardware. Sputnik chandeliers are available in either cord suspension or rod suspension, and each arm is adjustable.

Glossary chandeliers

Glossary of modern globe chandelier terminology: When describing a modern globe chandelier, it can be helpful to know what the terms mean. These fixtures generally have a single bulb or lamp holder in a cylindrical arm that is usually made of glass or metal. The arm is attached to a central piece, which is usually a bowl or square. The bowl is composed of translucent glass, and is often adorned with cutting and Renaissance details.

The crystal trimmings in a chandelier are called strands, festoons, or haloes. They may be small strands or a long garland. There are many different types of crystal trimmings in a globe chandelier. Some crystal trimmings are made with prisms, which are made of many straight sides. Another type of crystal trimming is known as a plate hook, which attaches to the ceiling joist.

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