Christmas Movies on Netflix

christmas movies on netflix

If you’re looking for a good holiday movie to watch with the family, Netflix has a few options that are sure to put you in the spirit. There are also a few newer movies you may want to check out that are a bit different.

This year’s Netflix Christmas lineup is a bit lighter than it was last year, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good options. While it’s a shame that the streamer doesn’t have more classics to choose from, there are still plenty of films available to watch this season that are a bit more unique than what you’d find in your local movie theater.

One of the most unique and wacky Christmas movies on netflix is the stop-motion animation Klaus, which follows a small alien who believes that Santa Claus is an elf and that he needs to take out Earth’s gravity in order to bring presents to all of the children. It’s a charming and funny film that you can watch with your kids, and it’s an absolute must for anyone who loves Christmas.

Another animated film you should watch this Christmas is A Not So Merry Christmas, which revolves around a man who is not too happy with the holidays. As a punishment, he has to relive every single day of the season until he either decides to be happier, or realizes that it was just a joke.

The Christmas family is an unlikely group in this hysterical Italian comedy, but the improvised plot manages to make everyone laugh and smile. It’s the perfect addition to a holiday movie marathon, or just to enjoy on a chilly evening at home with the family.

This year’s version of Father Christmas is Back stars Elizabeth Hurley, John Cleese, Kelsey Grammer and Kris Marshall as a dysfunctional family gathering that goes disastrously wrong. They’re all at odds with each other, but the arrival of their father, played by Bill Murray, brings everyone together in the spirit of the season.

Dolly Parton is a legend of the country music scene, and she brings her talents to this charming musical. Featuring original songs and a star-studded cast, this is a must-watch for all lovers of the singer’s work.

It’s a teen ensemble rom-com that’s a bit understated in terms of its tone and content, but it has enough heart to make up for its lack of fireworks. The movie also features Joan Cusack, who plays an eccentric local who becomes a muse to the young people in town.

Finally, this film also has a nice soundtrack that adds some festive flair to the story. This is the first Netflix original to make our list, and it’s definitely worth watching this year if you’re in the mood for a fun movie to watch with the family.

A lot of the upcoming movies on Netflix are originals, and this is no exception. This list is based on the best movies that were released in 2019. While there are some notable flops, we’re confident you will find something you like among our selection.

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