The Iconic Design and Warm Glow of the Artemide Orange Lamp


The Artemide Orange Lamp, also known as the Lampe Orange, is an iconic design piece famous for its unique shape, color, and warm glow. Designed in 1967 by Michel Buffet for Artemide, an Italian lighting company, the Lampe Orange has become a timeless classic that still enhances modern interiors.

Design and Functionality

The Lampe Orange features a diffuser made of blown glass that mimics the shape of a fruit, hence the name “orange.” The glass is partially frosted to provide an even and diffused light, creating a comfortable and relaxing ambient atmosphere. The lamp also includes a metal base that supports the glass diffuser and stabilizes the lamp.

One of the most remarkable features of the Lampe Orange is its color, a warm, golden-orange hue that helps to create a cozy and intimate environment. This color also enhances the lamp’s organic shape, further emphasizing the fruit-like qualities of the design.

The Lampe Orange is a versatile design piece that can be used in different areas and interior styles. It works perfectly as a mood light in living rooms or bedrooms, but it can also be used as a decorative element in entryways, dining rooms, or even outdoor spaces.

Historical Context

The Lampe Orange was designed in a time of great social and cultural change, particularly in France, where Michel Buffet was born and raised. The late 1960s saw a rising counterculture that challenged traditional values and sought a more relaxed and informal lifestyle. The Lampe Orange reflects this spirit through its playful, organic design and warm glow that invite people to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Legacy and Impact

Since its introduction in 1967, the Lampe Orange has become an iconic design that has won numerous awards and has been exhibited in major museums and galleries around the world. Its timeless appeal and unique qualities have inspired many designers and artists who have tried to replicate its success.

The Lampe Orange has also been a great commercial success for Artemide, remaining one of its most popular and recognizable designs to this day. The company has produced several versions of the lamp, including tabletop and floor lamps, as well as a limited edition made of Murano glass.

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