Practical tips for choosing bedroom lights

Choose lamps according to the age of the bedroom owner

People of different ages have different choices for bedroom lamps, so they should choose lamps according to their living habits. The elderly generally require simple and elegant lamps, and another point to pay attention to is brightness. Strong lamps; middle-aged people often like to arrange according to their own preferences and tastes. In the selection of lamps, the color of lamps is simple, the design of lamps is tasteful, and the most suitable for the style of the bedroom.

bedroom lights

Choose the lighting style according to the decoration style of the bedroom

The decoration style of the bedroom determines the style of the lamps. If the bedroom is modern, fresh and simple, then the lamps should match the style of the bedroom, so choose a modern style crystal lamp; if the bedroom is a classical style, choose a European style. The crystal lamp looks classical and elegant when matched in this way. The lamps and lanterns must be in harmony with the bedroom decoration style. Otherwise, it will be very incongruous and awkward to install Chinese classical style lamps in a fresh and modern bedroom.​​

bedroom lights

Choose lamps according to the height of the bedroom

The choice of lamps is related to the style of the bedroom and the height of the bedroom. If the bedroom is high enough, you can install a crystal chandelier, which looks good and is comfortable to use; if the bedroom is not very high, it is better to choose a ceiling lamp, so as not to have a high space There are also hanging chandeliers, which makes the bedroom look particularly short and the space is depressing, which makes the bedroom uncomfortable and even affects the quality of rest. How to choose bedroom lamps

bedroom lights

Choose lamps according to your needs

The choice of bedroom lamps also has to consider the needs of use. For example, the vanity mirror lighting usually adopts a warm-emitting type lamp, which is installed on the mirror to avoid glare; some people like to lie in bed and read a book, then they can choose a table lamp or a wall lamp for lighting. You have to choose a light fixture that is suitable for reading or a light fixture that can adjust the light level.

bedroom lights

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