Living room chandeliers purchasing skills and precautions

In today’s living room decoration, many families will choose to install a living room chandelier lighting in the living room. But for the choice of lights, you must combine the actual situation of your living room. So the editor is here today to introduce to you what to pay attention to when purchasing living room chandeliers, and what are the purchasing skills of living room chandeliers.

Living room chandeliers

Living room chandelier lighting purchase considerations

When you buy a light fixture, you not only look at the lighting effect of the light, but also the elegant appearance of the light, which can bring amazing results. If your home’s lobby is more than 20 square feet, you can use living room pendant lighting for a fresh, luxurious, and varied look. However, if the lobby area is less than 20 square meters, it is more suitable to use ceiling lights. There are also a variety of ceiling lamp styles, and there are many gorgeous styles.

There is a strong relationship between the choice of hall lighting and the height of the floor in your home. If the height of the building is more than 2 meters, you can choose a large chandelier, you can choose to light up the light, you should also leave some space for the lamps and the upper part. Bridging the gap between light and darkness. If your hall is low, you can opt for ceiling lamps and floor lamps to make the living room brighter and more spacious with a modern art vibe.

There are various styles of hall lights on the market and also different sizes. Therefore, when we choose hall lighting, we should look at the floor area of ​​the hall and choose lighting that coordinates with the hall space. In my opinion, the lighting in the hall should be elegant and solid. The hall lighting is too simple, it will give a shabby feeling, the hall lighting is too luxurious, it will stress the visitors.

When we choose lamps, we must start with the decoration style of the home. The only way to choose lighting and overall decoration style. If it is Chinese style, you can choose antique carved lighting, if it is European style, then it is suitable to choose crystal lamp, if it is modern style, you can choose personalized lighting.

Living room chandeliers

Living room chandelier lighting purchasing skills

Generally speaking, if your living room is less than 12 square meters, you should choose a chandelier with a diameter of less than 20 cm, the number of lamps should not be too much, and the volume should not be too large. It is appropriate to avoid making the ceiling look overcrowded.

Chandeliers are longer than regular ceiling lights, so we should measure the height of the house before picking. If the height is less than 2.6 meters, it is not recommended to choose a chandelier, because it usually needs a sag of 40 cm to show a good decorative effect.

For the style and style of the chandelier, we have to choose not only the pattern we like, but also the style of the whole house, such as color, shape, etc. For example, a minimalist style is matched with a simple and elegant chandelier.

Generally speaking, for a living room of 10-15 square meters, it is recommended to buy a diameter of 60cm, because the space is too small, but if you choose large-sized lamps, the space will look uncoordinated, and large lamps give people a sense of oppression.

The living room area is 20-30 square meters. It is recommended to buy lamps with a diameter of 80cm. The lamps of this size are elegant and elegant in appearance, and can have more complex shapes. A slightly larger living room is just right.

Living room chandeliers

It is very good to install a chandelier in the living room, not only for lighting, but also to bring out the style of the living room.

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