4 tricks to teach you to buy ceiling lamps

Look at the light source, distinguish the color temperature

How to choose a ceiling light, a good ceiling light has bright light source, moderate color temperature, good color rendering, high light efficiency and small stroboscopic. When we buy, we can only light one lamp, stand under the lamp to read, and the handwriting is clear and bright, which means that the light source is better and the light efficiency is high. Put the palm of your hand next to the light source, and the color of the palm is ruddy, indicating that the color temperature is just right and the color rendering is good. If the color temperature is too high, it will turn blue or purple.

Look at the area, choose the power

Generally speaking, the greater the power, the greater the luminous flux and the greater the brightness. The power of the ceiling lamp is generally 10w, 18w, 21w, 22w, 28w, 32w, 40w, 56w, 68w, 108w, etc. The choice of the ceiling lamp is directly related to the height and area of ​​the specific space. When choosing the power of the ceiling lamp Consider the area of ​​the space you use and your usual habits.

Look at the style, choose the style

How to choose a ceiling lamp, choose a ceiling lamp according to the style of the functional space, choose ceiling lamps of different shapes and materials to decorate the space. As the supporting role of the space, it is important to form a good light environment. In addition, the color temperature should also be adapted to the style. The higher the color temperature, the bluer the color, and vice versa, the redder. Poor use of color temperature will seriously affect the style of the space.

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Look at the details, choose the quality

Good quality ceiling lamp: material edge and corner burr seams are even and even, plating and spraying are even, the brightness and color of plating accessories are even, and the material is level. The chassis is made of 2.2mm metal material, which is flat and solid, and has good parallelism with the ceiling. The cross-sectional area of ​​the power cord is ≥0.75mm. The common ceiling lamp masks are acrylic masks, plastic masks and glass masks.

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