How to Make Your Own Hat Lamp Shade

hat lamp shade

Whether you’re looking to glam up your bedroom or add a little pop to your living room, a hat lamp shade is an easy way to add some sparkle and style. You can purchase a hat lamp shade in a variety of colors, including black, white, olive black, yellow, pink, and red. There are also some unique lampshade hats that are made of materials such as straw and soft wool felt. These are perfect for the sunny days of fall and winter.

There are several styles of hats to choose from, including a classic bucket hat and a hat that looks like a pillbox. The lampshade hat is typically longer than the bucket hat, making it appear as a cone. The brim of the hat flares out and creates a conical shape. There are many designers who have created Chinese hat lamps over the years.

To make your own lampshade hat, you will need to buy some basic supplies. You will need a pencil, cardboard, scissors, and a utility knife. You will also need to paint the lampshade the color of your choice. You can also decorate the hat with a few decorations. Glue, acrylic varnish, and glitter are just a few ways to dress up the hat.

The first step is to draw a circle on your cardboard. Ideally, you will need a circle that is a few inches smaller than the size of the end of your hat brim. Then, draw another circle on top of the first, leaving a few inches of space around it. Cut out the circle using a pair of scissors. Then, use a compass to mark a circle on the other end of the cardboard. You should have a circle that is about the same diameter as your brim.

Once you have the shape of your hat, you will need to create the brim. Depending on the style of hat, you can choose to have a brim that is rounded, square, or even circular. If you are going for a Victorian look, you can use a rectangular brim. If you’re going for a more modern style, you can use a round brim. You can also create a top hat that is oversized for Halloween.

Next, place the small end of your hat in the center of the larger circle. You can use a compass to do this, but you should try to avoid puncturing the cardboard. Once you’ve done this, you can glue the lampshade to the wide end of the brim. If you don’t want to use glue, you can use the elastic to secure the hat to your head. The elastic should fit snugly around your head. You can sew the ends of the elastic to the hat brim if you want to. You can also hide the elastic under your hair if you’d like.

Depending on how large you would like your hat to be, you may need to cut out a circle of cardboard for the top of your hat. This can vary between pieces, so be sure to measure carefully.

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