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The decoration of the kitchen is a place that many people pay more attention to. How to design and plan to make the kitchen and the whole room more practical and beautiful? Especially for small kitchens, what new ways are there in the layout design? In addition, there are some small skills in the color matching of cabinets, ceramic tile selection, and storage, which can make the space appear larger, the appearance is higher, and the practicability is stronger. The following oranges have compiled the most popular kitchen design solutions, which vary in form, color, size, etc. for your reference.

Kitchen and dining room integrated

Integrating the kitchen and the dining room is the choice of many people today. For small apartments, this design can save space and improve the utilization rate in a limited space. The interconnection of the two functions greatly facilitates daily life. Eating out, it’s easier to pack up.

Incorporate the dining room into the kitchen to make the entire space more spacious. The comfort of cooking and dining has been greatly improved. It also contributes to the overall cleanliness of the room.

Open kitchen design with separate bar

In the kitchen, open design is also very popular, especially among young people, because the frequency of cooking is not high, and the problem of oil fume is not particularly prominent. For open kitchens, the smartest design is undoubtedly to set up a bar as a partition, which not only separates the kitchen, but also makes the area more clearly defined. In addition, it can also be used as a dining table, which is very practical for eating breakfast, drinking and drinking.

Open kitchens are mostly suitable for small kitchens. They have a larger space and will not appear too depressing. Of course, some large kitchens can also be installed in this way. At present, the design of the kitchen and the space factor have a certain influence, but more depends on their own preferences. The design of the bar counter makes the open kitchen look even better, and it also adds some sentiment to life.

Two more beautiful chandeliers are installed above the bar, and the atmosphere is more intense.

kitchen island

An island can also be installed in the kitchen, no matter whether it is an open design or not, as long as the space conditions permit, one can be installed. Compared with the bar, the island has more practicality. In the vegetable area, cabinets can be installed at the bottom to assist the kitchen for storage. Of course, the island can also be used as a dining area. It is versatile, fashionable and beautiful, and you can try it.

This island design can replace the dining table and chairs, which is very large and practical.

Some small kitchen designs

This is a small apartment kitchen, located in the aisle, the place is tight, the open design is the most suitable, the one-line cabinet can accommodate the stove and the sink, which is tight and practical. This kind of kitchen storage is very important, otherwise the countertops will not only affect the kitchen, but also affect the beauty of the whole house.

For most ordinary families, the kitchen is generally still small, and it is mainly based on Chinese chefs, and the cooking fumes are large, so closed kitchens are more in life. For such kitchens, the decoration design What aspects should we pay more attention to, or how should we dress in order to have both aesthetics and practicality?

In fact, in the kitchen, any part will have a certain impact on the whole, such as the color matching of cabinets and tiles, the rationality of layout design, or the practicality of storage, etc. Therefore, all aspects should be paid attention to. For cabinets, you can choose the same color up and down, which is more neat and unified.

The cabinets can also choose different colors up and down, which can enhance the richness of the space and look more fashionable and aesthetic. As for storage, in addition to the most basic floor cabinets and hanging cabinets, it is recommended to use the walls as much as possible, install some hooks, hanging rods, hang the kitchen utensils, and release the countertop, which makes it look clean and tidy.

If the kitchen space is small and the lighting is poor, it is recommended that the cabinets, tiles, etc. should be mainly light-colored as much as possible, and the walls do not need to be filled with hanging cabinets, otherwise the whole thing will become more tight and depressing. If you feel single, you can choose tiled tiles, wood grain tiles, or beautiful colors to embellish the floor and walls.

The kitchen is equipped with an integrated stove, so that a whole row of hanging cabinets can be installed above, which is beautiful and practical.

The cabinet wood color + white combination is relatively popular, which makes the kitchen more warm and temperament, making cooking more comfortable and warm, and it looks more fashionable and beautiful. If you want to double-spell, but don’t know how to choose, you might as well try it, it is suitable for a variety of styles of decoration.

Terrazzo is very trendy for kitchens. The pink cabinets are full of girlish hearts, white tiles on the walls, black embellishments, no hanging cabinets, looking clean and tidy, very fashionable.

In the position by the window, a simple small bar is also built. It is usually simple to eat, or if you want to sit here and watch the scenery or be in a daze, the view here is wide, the light is good, and it is very smart.

The storage design of this kitchen is worthy of reference for small apartments, especially the bottom of the wall cabinet, all kinds of simple shelves, even though it is simple and compact, it is quite practical to store kitchen utensils.

The wood color overall cabinet is very warm. Tile walls are easy to clean and easy to maintain.

The above is the kitchen design plan we have sorted out. It is suitable for different apartment layouts, different space sizes, and different aesthetic preferences. I hope that there are designs that everyone likes. In the future, the kitchen at home will be installed like this, I believe it will be beautiful and practical!

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