How to Use Wall Sconces to Light Wall Mount

to light wall mount

To light wall mount provides indirect lighting to narrow hallways, bathrooms and stairways without the need for additional lamps. These stylish luminaries also add an attractive accent to a wall.

Choose the right fixture for your space

The first step in choosing a new wall sconce is to identify the existing wiring. Often, this is done by carefully looking at the electrical box. This may require removing the cover and exposing the wires inside.

Look for the two or three wires that will connect to the mains, a black and blue wire with sometimes an earthed/grounded (yellow-green) wire. Start by stripping back a little bit of the plastic surrounding the wires up to 0.5cm from these. Then insert the wires through the connector block. If the wires are long, use a knife to cut them up into shorter sections. Once all the wires are in place, you can then plug the lamp into an available mains socket.

How to Connect a Wall Sconce To an Electrical Box

When connecting a sconce to an electrical box, remove the old sconce from its mounting plate and screws. If the wires are pre-stripped, simply twist the stranded wires together and attach them to the 14/2 wires that come with the sconce. If not, cut the old sconce’s wires to the desired length.

Locate the hole where the sconce will be mounted on the wall. The sconce’s paper light switch template, if available, is useful in marking the area. Otherwise, mark a circle with the edges of the sconce to get an idea of where you want to drill.

Once you’ve located the appropriate hole, use a drywall jab saw to cut the hole in the drywall, if needed. A 4-inch sconce box requires a 4-inch hole to accommodate the sconce’s mounting hardware.

If the sconce is too large to fit into the hole, you can drill into a hole in the drywall with a hammer or chisel. If you’re replacing an existing sconce, check with your local electrician to ensure that there’s enough room for your new sconce.

Find a suitable sconce that matches your space

There are many styles of wall sconces to choose from. These include ones that feature fabric shades for a more diffused light or those with flexible goosenecks. These are great for use in bedrooms, because they offer more flexibility for adjusting the angle of the light for reading.

Determine the proper placement for your sconce

The most important factor to consider when placing your new sconce is whether it will be too close to walls or other objects. Generally, it’s best to have your sconce just above eye level for optimal viewing.

Using a sconce that’s too close to a door or other object can cause glare and reduce the amount of light in the area. You’ll also need to make sure the sconce isn’t blocking an exit or turning off a window.

For a more modern look, consider a light sconce with an LED bulb. This will use less power, saving you money and energy. It’s also a greener alternative to traditional bulbs. You can also install a sconce with a remote sensor, which allows you to control the light from a distance.

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